About me

My Life Story

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Hi, My name is Matthew Star. I have been marketing online since 1999, and I have a strong passion for earning money online and having time and financial freedom. In this crazy internet world of 1’s and 0’s, I see a opportunities everywhere and new ones each day as new websites, platforms and social networks arise where you can generate traffic.

I don’t view the world as a scarce place- I believe there is more than enough for everyone in this universe and if we so choose we can grow the size of the pie versus worrying about splitting the pie so that everyone can have a “fair share”. Life isn’t fair, and once you accept that and embrace it, life will change for you. Because life isn’t fair that means you can tilt things in your favor, and hence that’s the beauty in the concept to begin with.


Being an entrepreneur is the essence of what I am all about. Making my own decisions, living my life my way, and having true freedom where I get up and do what I want to do each and every day. This is a journey, and one in which that should be respected, cherished, and consistently worked on so that you can continue to generate the rewards from this truly amazing gift of being an entrepreneur.


The Corporate Life

I have no problem with people who chose the corporate life, it was just not for me. I was not particularly good at the political games inside of the company and also never felt I was able to express who I truly was being inside of this “box” if you will. Because of that, one October day in 1999 I walked out of my corporate job never to look back. I will never forget that day and the amount of freedom and empowerment I felt- while, at the same time, feeling a bit scared of the consequences of my choice. It turned out the be the best decision of my life.



Speaker at Marketing events

I have spoken at several small marketing events, where small business owners get together to network and learn new strategies and to develop partnerships to earn more money. From time to time I will do a webinar or conduct a live training as a way to give back and connect with the people who I truly feel a bond with- online entrepreneurs, or aspiring ones as I once used to be.



What is best thing I can do?

The best thing you can do if you’re starting an online business is to stop dreaming and start doing. Go where the money is, don’t try to create a new market, or come up with some concept that someone has never thought of before. Now, I am all for unique ideas, but usually as it pertains to new ideas in proven markets where people are known to spend money, such as health, wealth and relationships.

The Future

The future of the internet is bright! E-commerce and Social media sites continue to grow and generate untold profits. The world of technology and making money online are still in its infancy. The time to jump in is now- the water is warm don’t worry!